Sabrina Ladiges: Wanted crime spree suspect charged with slew of theft, drug crimes
WANTED IN KING COUNTY -- Sabrina Ladiges is wanted after not showing up to court in King County for numerous charges including a stolen car, mail, meth and ID’s. Deputies found her and another man sleeping in a stolen car in December of 2017 in Fall City, thanks to an alert resident who called police about a suspicious vehicle in front of house. When questioned by detectives, court documents show Sabrina admitted to all of the thefts. "After a search warrant of the vehicle, they found 96 pieces of mail from 45 different addresses and on top of it, over 20 credit cards and checks with a total value of just over $18,000, just things they've stolen out of mailboxes, so we're talking about some pretty intricate thefts,” said King County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Abbott.