Help ID sneaky prowlers who followed vehicle into private parking garage
WANTED IN LACEY -- This case serves as a reminder to always check to see if you’re being followed by someone who doesn't belong when you enter your secured parking garage. Lacey Police say a minivan followed a resident in after they punched in the security code, a little after 10pm on September 22nd. Two people got out of the minivan and started casing all the cars in the garage. You can see one suspect's face under an Elmer Fudd-style hunting hat. The surveillance video shows the other suspect walking toward the camera. A couple of minutes later, they've picked their target: One suspect comes back and then violently smashes the window to a brand new Dodge Ram pickup. “You see him take his arm and then punching at the window several times until the window is finally broken. Took as much as he possibly could and you see him in the camera walk right through holding everything and it appears at this moment that he got a whole bunch of military items,” said Lacey Police Det. Jimmy Williams. “The owner of that Dodge Ram actually had a security system on it. The security alarm did send them a message saying, ‘Hey! Your car door’s opening,’ or something to that effect, but because of the time of night, it's late and they didn't see the text until about 15 or 20 minutes later."