Tracking down getaway car could help catch burglars who scared sleeping siblings
WANTED IN PIERCE COUNTY -- The Pierce County Sheriff Department's Proactive Property Crime Unit needs you to take a good look at the dark blue Nissan above. Deputies think it's a Murano, or a Rogue. It's the getaway car for a band of burglars who terrified a pair of teens on October 14th -- a brother and sister asleep inside their home near Fredrickson -- when one of the suspects tried kicking-down the front door. "The two teenagers that were there saw them, confronted them, they ran away. Good thing they didn't chase them. We don't want people doing that and they called 911,” said Pierce County Sheriff’s Det. Ed Troyer. “We do have good photos of the suspect vehicle. Luckily, there are no injuries involved in this. When you have two teenagers at home that's pretty scary when somebody tries to kick your door, so we know that these people are out during the day. They're pretty desperate. They're fueling a drug problem. Even though property crimes and burglaries are going down, the people who are out there still doing them are still needing to steal stuff to feed their habit."