How To Take Down the Calories in Food
No need to give up what you like to eat, just change your recipes. Cutting 300-500 calories per day without changing your exercise program could produce a weight loss of up to 1 pound per week. To reduce the amount of calories in a recipe, it will take some cleaver maneuvering. The first approach is to change the cooking method. Sautéing in oil and deep fat frying adds an abundant amount of calories. 1 tablespoon of any oil has 14 grams of fat that adds up to about 120 calories. Consequently, taking out the oil in cooking will bring down the calories. Sautéing without oil requires gentle cooking, reduced heat and hydration with a liquid. Cooking with water especially adding 1 tablespoon of frozen apple juice concentrate will produce great browning of foods. Steaming, poaching and baking are other techniques to cook without oil. Another option is to use reduced fat alternative butters and oil substitutes.