New medium - Veronica Roth
Robbie tells me that if I keep doing the same things I’ll always get the same results. That is so true; in life and in art. I stopped at a Value Village and bought some random oil pastels. I’ve never used oil pastels before. So this was it then, I grabbed those pastels, put on the ring Chloe made for me for strength, sat in the desert at sunrise, and tentatively made a stroke on the paper. About 20 minutes later I decided there must be more to these pastels that I don’t know about. A way to smudge them together and decided to grab my chalk smudge sticks for the next day. But this first day painting in the desert with those oil pastels was amazing and freeing. I drove around from place to place stopping, walking, painting, sketching…exploring. Slowly, the sun is staring to come back to my soul. Finding the footsteps of the those who came before Attempted crisis management: hunkering down in the desert