Meow Music Artist Agreement | Valet Confidential
ARTIST is engaging Meow Music for the purpose of developing/improving digital distribution and online sales of recordings produced and owned by ARTIST. ONLINE SALES Meow Music will develop an online sales channel using This includes setup of sales account and connection to PayPal, creation of sales page including basic page design, upload of recordings, album art, liner notes, bonus material, etc. ARTIST will provide all necessary recording and art files in lossless and hi-res formats via dropbox, and all text files as .rtf, .doc or Google Drive files. authorizes Meow Music to access sales and payment data using shared account passwords. ISRC ASSIGNMENT ARTIST, the owner of said Recordings, agree to commission approved ISRC Manager, Meow Music, to assign ISRCs to Recordings on ARTIST's behalf. This agreement appoints Meow Music, as an approved ISRC Manager, to exclusively assign ISRC codes to the Recordings. ARTIST, the owner of the Recordings, ensures that no other