My Funny Valentine | Valet Confidential
The Chandler Travis Three-O played on Valentine's Day this year, part of our weekly fall/winter residency at the Harvest Gallery Wine Bar (every Friday - at least through the end of February - come on out & see us!). We broke out a slew of Chandler's more romantic songs that we don't normally performed ("Sex Magnet", "In My Hand"), as well as this old standard that Berke suggested. When I heard we might play the song, I asked to sing a verse or bridge, because "My Funny Valentine" was my parents' song. Instead, both Chandler & I took a crack at the whole song - he during the first set, me in the second set. Both versions came out pretty well, I think - mostly due to the fantastic backing by John Clark (bass) and Berke McKelvey (sax & keyboards), of course. I think I only sang this song once before - I remember singing it at my parents' surprise 20th anniversary party, and that's it. Dedicated to Bill & Carolyn Boak. I love you guys and miss you every day. xo