One Last Plea For Your Love and Money | Valet Confidential
We're down to the last few days for our Kickstarter campaign for "7 Inches & Other Delights" - the 3rd Record about Records for Record Store Day from the Ever-Embiggening Staff of Bubbles in the Think Tank. We sure want to thank those of you who contributed to the project, and would like to make a last-minute appeal to those of you who have not yet contributed and to those of you who might consider increasing your pledge. Those of you who haven't yet contributed - please check out the details - if you love real honest-to-goodness vinyl records and/or dig themed compilations, then this project is for you! We're even offering the two previous releases among the many rewards available to contributors/backers. You can check out my summation of the project here, and our kickstarter campaign here. We're even lining up bonus download tracks - one of which will be a rare Blotto track previously released only as the B-Side of a single! I do want to point out one of the rewards that have