Pete LaBonne Performing Live 4 Hours Away? Road Trip! | Valet Confidential
Last Saturday Berke swung by my house at about 7am and we headed out to Troy, NY to see the one-of-a-kind Pete LaBonne play an extremely rare gig at Jimmy Barrett's fabulous River Street Beat Shop in Troy, NY. We were both home by 10pm. Zip in, zip out. I believe Pete may have played a show in Rochester, NY earlier this year. Other than that, I'm pretty sure his last few shows were those we did together last year at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs and Valentine's in Albany. The opportunity to see Pete play a full show, as long as he wanted, without having to worry about getting off the stage for the next act, was just too great for us to pass up. We were not disappointed. What we and a handful of music fans witnessed that afternoon was funny, touching, subversive, and a more than a little nuts. There was a subtlety to Pete's performance, especially the first set, that I had not really noticed when I had seen him in the past (I've been fortunate to see him perform at least ten times)