Killer Twitter App for Android | Valet Confidential
Where is it? That's what I want to know. Lots of decent apps out there, and some do several things well and others do other things well, but nothing I've found does them all, at least not all that I want them to do.Here's what I want my Android Twitter app to be able to do:Easily post to multiple twitter accounts.Schedule future postsDisplay feeds from Twitter lists and setup optional notifications for them.Setup notifications and polling time for search termsFacebook interaction would be nice, too - not a deal-killer, but if it exists, I want:Post to facebook as myself and as my pagesSchedule future facebook postsDisplay facebook personal feed and page feeds (and setup optional notifications for each)I don't play with Google Plus enough right now, but if it ever hits critical mass, I would expect to want the same interaction as with Facebook.Now, that doesn't really sound like all that much, does it?But as far as I can tell, only TweetDeck (now owned by Twitter) includes