Tour Prep – T minus 2 hours (or so) | Valet Confidential
This is hopefully the first of several semi-regular posts from the road as I travel and sing with the Chandler Travis Three-O and Philharmonic during the "CTP 'n' 3 2011 Southern Matrimonial Tour". Before any tour or out-of-town performance I have some freakout period. With basic out-of-town gigs, it's a fairly low-key freakout, really just a matter of trying to stick to a routine and not think too much about things. With tours, however, things can get pretty nuts in my head - especially when hitting the road for 2+ weeks. Three weeks ago it seemed like I had all the time in the world to prep for the tour - but then suddenly it was a week ago and my brain started a-whir, there just seemed so much to worry about. Then finally I made a checklist (lists help) and really, it seemed all do-able. From then on, the days flickered from manic to calm. With the huge help of Belinda from Bubbles in the Think Tank, we managed to launch a new web store for Chandler's merchandise, including high