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I have a Google search for "boak" that sends me updates whenever it finds a new web page that mentions the word. Mostly, I'm just curious about other people named "Boak", because it's just not that common of a last name. There are a few people that come up fairly regularly: a writer for the Chicago Tribune named Joshua Boak, a senior designer for Martin Guitars named Dick Boak, and a few others.The last couple of days, there has been quite a bit of activity on the website of The Herald Online, "the website digest of Scotland's leading quality newspaper"; read 'em & weep (for me, from laughing, whatever floats your boat):War of wordsSick jokeDutch boakThe Full spectrum of boakeryDid you read 'em all? Comments, too?Now, I can't say I'm at all surprised by this, though that was really a whole lotta boak in those pages! Over the years, I have heard tell that my last name, "Boak", meant "to retch" in Scottish - mostly an old usage, from what I was told. A few years back, I even heard a