Andale! Andale! | Valet Confidential
One of the saddest things to happen here in this little burg this winter was the indefinite "closed for vacation" of mexican cafe Ay Caramba, a fave of many of my friends and a regular stop on on the usual suspects' birthday party train. Ay Caramba opened very soon after I bought chez valet and was a welcome addition to the neighborhood. They always took a couple of weeks vacation in the winter, so when they first closed this winter, there was no big concern. Then we started to hear rumors that they weren't re-opening, and the sign in the window changed from saying "closed for two weeks" to "closed until the end of next month" and then stories appeared in the local newspaper that they were looking to transfer the business and liquor license.Well ... early Tuesday morning, on my way into town from the CTP tour ... there was a sign in front of the restaurant ... "Andale Cafe opening May 20" ... that was that very day, Tuesday! For the rest of the drive home (fortunately for the rest of