Iglamoureyez | Lindsey Epps Tucker for UrBoi Photography
One of my favorite makeup and hair stylist TeDara aka @iglamoureyez decided we're overdue for a session together. After this massive winter we had we decided to take our next session outside and chose ShoFuso The Japanese House and garden. It was a pretty nice day sort of windy but anything is better than the snow we experienced. She handled her styling and makeup for the day and not actually having any concept in mind we just wanted to get some nice images on a nice day. We pretty much roamed the area while catching up on things going on in our careers and once we happened upon a spot we liked we set up shop and started shooting. This place is freaking beautiful and peaceful. Not heavily known by many urban photographers but very popular with wedding photographers. So much that a permit is required if shooting a wedding or engagement party there. But believe me this area is so worth the cost as it truly captures a Japanese essence right here in Philadelphia. That alone is worth the