1920 style fashion | Lindsey Epps Tucker for UrBoi Photography
After weeks of planning and thrift shopping we finally managed to put our 1920 style fashion together and with Jasmine I knew we could pull of a sexy and mysterious androgynous look that is visually awesome. And with Jasmine as the model and Shy on makeup duties I really think we pulled it off completely. And I'm really feeling good about this as this was the first time I took the reigns of stylist all by my lonesome. And Jasmine did make some awesome suggestions and additions, but I won't lie and tell you I wasn't a tad bit nervous about taking on this task. But I felt I've worked on enough sets and paid attention to other stylists and I made sure to take my time and not rush the concept. And it didn't hurt that I did have some great source material being a fan of prohibition type style and fashion. But to actually go from conception to creation was just awesome. I had a lot of fun out thrifting and working to pull this shoot together. I can really see myself taking a larger part in