Confetti Corky with Shefon Nachelle and UrBoi Photography | Lindsey Epps Tucker for UrBoi Photography
Confetti Corky Confetti Corky is what happens when Shy Stilletto and I get together the creativity be flowing and when the smoke clears it's always fabulous. Which is why I love working with her and we even brought Shefon Nachelle out of a self inflicted retirement.This session was like a reunion as it has been 2+ years since myself and Shy have worked with Shefon, especially since she's been busy with her non profit company. Although it has been a few ticks since we worked together you wouldn't think so the way everyone clicked together in the studio. The thing I love most about working with Shefon is that her natural beauty doesn't affect the way she treats people. I mean this woman has a awesome sense of humor, is very-very humble and kind to everyone she meets. In all honestly I don't know why some lucky guy hasn't married her yet, but hey that's their loss as she would make any man proud to her their own. And she's so animated it's too funny, most models try to come off as