Milk Cosmetics *Cruelty Free* | Up A Nelms Tree
So you all know that I went to Sephora and got myself a couple of Birthday Presents. The Headliner kit from Milk was one of them. I'm trying to use more Cruelty Free products and when I saw this brand I pretty much fell in love. I so love simplicity and modern style so I was pretty excited to grab this little sample kit. Milk Cosmetics prides themselves on being cruelty free and giving you the best make up technology with the most natural ingredients possible. They seem like a fun energetic brand. Included in this kit are: Cooling Water Ubame Mascara Dip Out Lip Color Micellar Water Make up remover wipe. The Cooling Water is meant to be applied around your eyes when they are puffy or just when it's a bit of a hot day and you need a bit of a refresher. There's no fragrance to the Cooling Water so you don't have to worry about any unwanted smells The Container is quick and easy to open and use plus you can just twist the bottom to push it up and get more. I have yet to have to use