Message from Executive Director of MS Hospitality and Restuarant Assoc.
It has been an interesting week since the signing of HB 1523. For the past 6 days I have personally responded to countless emails and phone calls from people upset by the legislation. Yes most have come from the LGBT community. But a significant number have come from outside the LGBT community. The reaction and it's impact is real. It is broad based in nature. The hospitality industry's is already feeling the affects. I received a call from a restaurant that lost a large catering contract. Hotels are losing room bookings. I received an email from a Florida based organization that voted to move a 300 person meeting from Mississippi. Countless families are cancelling very specific vacation plans. One family has detailed plans to visit the Delta blues attractions for two days and settle in Bay St Louis for a few more. Now they are going to New Orleans and Galveston, never setting foot in our state. No Gas purchased. No food consumed. No overnight stay. Nothing. Please know this isn't an