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What takes precedence, the rights of an Intersex Adult or an Innocent, Voiceless IVF child? Its 2013. We are still years away from equal rights for intersex OR IVF children. Both subjects are HIGHLY SENSITIVE and often dealt with secrecy and lies and also BREAKING the LAWS. In most cultures, it is still TABOO to discuss anything about intersex or IVF/surrogacy. In ways, it reminds us of how we first dealt with HIV/AIDS. There are a lot of rumors, lies, misconceptions that precede any kind of acceptance. I have NO DOUBT that intersex and IVF children and families will ALSO see acceptance and equal rights in the future. But we are living in 2013 - a time of transition for intersex and IVF rights, so lets talk about 2013. We have every sympathy for intersex and let our actions speak for itself, are we allowed to have some rights and sympathy for our IVF children, if NOT EQUAL rights? As an IVF parent, it is offensive to treat IVF children as an after thought with NO respect for their