Why Now? | United Siblings Are Family
This case is ALL about equality and social justice from the start where prevailing laws fall short. We are convinced in the future, there will be equal rights but will the siblings benefit from them by growing up apart? As the world today is still debating equal rights for LGBTI, respect for all individuals, respect for diversity, freedom to say the truth, we sit on the other side of the hyperbole. We went beyond the calling for basic human rights multiple times in good faith without threatening anyone with suicide and now we are waiting for our turn when we will have equal rights for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) parents regardless of gender or assumed gender. When the truth began to unravel for us, we thought our actions were ahead of our times by maybe ten years or so. Little did we know, we were actually behind by about a century. Trying to be different has cost us human rights of our own and that of our innocent children among several other violations. Change takes birth from