What is the State of the Union for IVF children and families?United Siblings Are Family | United Siblings Are Family
It's 2014, is it too early to ask for Equal Treatment Under Law for IVF children and families? What is the State of the Union for IVF children and families? If you do the deeds (IVF), you will know the needs (lack of laws). By not having these laws, the state of the union for IVF children and families are: 1) If there is a DNA mismatch where the sperm sample accidentally got swapped in the clinic, should there be a legal framework where the intended parent can still take the IVF child like a loving parent and have the opportunity to raise them? 2) If a "genetic link" is required between a US parent and a child born outside the US, how will an infertile or dysfertile person who is middle-class ever get a child legally in the US? Is this how US society defines a "parent" or are the Immigration laws not in sync? Can someone misuse this discrepancy and hurt innocent IVF children? 3) If a person gives consent to IVF child and then later changes their mind, thats their right but should there