War Crimes and Its Effects on IVF ChildrenUnited Siblings Are Family | United Siblings Are Family
There are different wars throughout human history and innocent people - adults, grandparents, women, children, men who are displaced due to no fault of theirs. When parents are fleeing a country rampaged with war to save their lives and the lives of their children, what if their infant does not have a passport? Do they wait to apply for a passport to the government who is involved in a war or save their lives as they see best fit and flee the country without a passport for the child? In recent past, we have witnessed refugees in Syria, Afghanistan, Lybia, Iraq, Kosovo, Rwanda, East Timor, and so many other wars between us humans. In not too a distant past, people were fleeing with their families and children from dictator regimes, Nazi regime, and so on. Since the "official" status of such people are "refugees", they are given asylum on humanitarian grounds including a VALID passport. What is the status of an IVF child who cannot get a PASSPORT? Are they a war time VICTIM? Crimes