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Infertility or dysfertility is very traumatic. And as we move into the 21st century, it is time to HARNESS the technology. IVF is a wonderful technology that assists infertile or dysfertile people to have children. And just like any other technology, it can be misused. In this case, IVF produces "human babies" and somehow we are of the opinion that "human babies" have MORE rights than other animals or material things. IVF children are NOT to be treated like "property" but rather as their own individual human beings with their own rights. The IVF ecosystem is bigger than the traditional two parents and rights of all need to be considered including IVF children and families, donors, surrogates. There are other medical conditions with far FEWER incidence rates but have a lot more awareness and LAWS to help families cope with this. Medical conditions like cystic fibrosis, autism, certain forms of cancer, and so on have FAR FEWER incidence rates than infertility as per CDC data. Then why