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Ask not what your child can do for you, ask what you can do for your child. If you have ever dealt with infertility, your ultimate goal is to have a child but what are the needs of the child and would you do it at any costs? Regardless of how one has a child - natural birth, adoption, IVF/surrogacy - once the child is born, are all children equal? Do they all deserve their own individual human dignity and respect as a human being regardless of their birth type? Then why do the prevailing laws discriminate? Placing innocent IVF children in legal limbo is wrong. Raising your hands up in the air and behaving like you just don't care and throwing the book of laws is NOT the right answer. Education, awareness, understanding the issues and moving forward with an appropriate legal framework with equality for all is the right answer. America thrives on innovation and technology, IVF technology is here to stay creating an IVFhood, now do we have the proper legal framework to deal with it in a