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A 1 year, 364 days old infant does not need a ticket on the plane but a 2 year old does. It's the law. The minimum age is 7 days old for any infant to travel on a plane, an important criterion for an IVF child born to international parents wanting to go back home. Emotions don't count but laws do. Any infant under 6 months travelling on a plane needs 1 adult with them - particularly important if twins are born to a parent who is travelling alone. More relevant for an international IVF parent who is trying to go home with IVF twins or triplets - higher frequency than natural births. Emotions don't count, it's the law. Immigration law requires a biological link between parent and child - emotions don't count, it's the law. Immigrant fathers cannot bring their IVF child to US- emotions don't count, it's the law. Alienated parents love their child equally, more importantly, the child loves the parent equally but the best interest of the child does not count. Baby scoop era was detrimental