To Lie Or To Say the TruthUnited Siblings Are Family | United Siblings Are Family
As a spouse caregiver of intersex or Eunuchs as they are known in India, what is MORE important - TRUTH or lying? Having to raise a little girl with NO mother, people have questions and one has to live in this community with people around them and sooner or later the Questions have to be answered. Or maybe the father had an affair or maybe the father had an illegitimate child. Legally they are right, an IVF child born to a father where neither the egg donor nor the surrogate is the wife of the father is considered a child "born out of wedlock" or an "illegitimate child". Why is my IVF child illegitimate due to NO FAULT of their own? What are the consequences of being in LEGAL LIMBO? As a loving parent, one vociferously defends the RIGHTS of a child and say the TRUTH. If saying the TRUTH is a crime, so be it. If asking for rights of innocent, voiceless children is a crime, so be it. The challenge is if you were a parent in my shoes, what would you do? "This was not a crime of greed,