LGBT – Yeah in 2013, Next Frontier – IntersexUnited Siblings Are Family | United Siblings Are Family
Its a great year in 2013 if you are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT). When will it be turn for Intersex - the "I" in LGBTI? When will it be turn for "I" as in IVF children and families? When will it be turn for spouse of Intersex? When will it be turn for not "I" but "F" for family caregivers? Is it all about the "individual" and NOT the family then why all the big ruckus over "EQUAL" rights for marriage? "This was not a crime of greed, this was not a crime of vengeance, but it was an act of selfishness, a crime of selfishness" – said Judge P. Kevin Castel of Federal District Court Only people with a sense of sincerity who will take time to understand the facts of the case will see the number of social injustices involved in just this one case. The worst is the innocent siblings are being punished for crimes they did not commit. Ironically, history is repeating itself. The strategy of secrecy and lies used with intersex children is now being repeated with IVF children. The