IVF/Surrogacy 2026 and BeyondUnited Siblings Are Family | United Siblings Are Family
The year is 2026. The IVF/Surrogacy children of 2000s and 2010s are grown up and individuals in their own rights. A lot of people in the mainstream including heterosexual, singles, LGBTI are having children via IVF/Surrogacy making it NOT a taboo subject. The society is ready to discuss the issues of IVF/Surrogacy from the innocent child's perspective. How do we respond to the already grown up children who were denied these same rights and instead discriminated because their only fault was to be born via IVF/Surrogacy? How do we make it "right"? Because the failure was for the society (us and now the children too because they are part of the same society) lacking patience and lack of understanding of the issues - the facts about the lives of the innocent children never changed. How do we reconcile statelessness of an innocent child and rendering them in "IVF Prison"? How do we reconcile splitting siblings? How do we reconcile the fact that a child is NOT a child and does not deserve