IVF in 2014, Could this be You?United Siblings Are Family | United Siblings Are Family
The gap in IVF laws is like placing a staircase in front of a wheelchair bound person. We are turning a page from 2013 to 2014 with our own wish list as IVF families. Most people say that changing the laws is very long and a very laborious process but it is worth it for innocent children. We do not expect miracles but we do expect equality in the America we know and want. If you are planning for IVF, welcome you are part of the IVFHood but could this happen to you if you attempt affordable IVF outside the US or should you remain childless as a middle-class infertile or dysfertile American? 1) What if the sample is accidentally swapped in the IVF clinic outside the US resulting in a DNA mismatch? 2) What if you are a US citizen woman who uses donor sperm and egg and her own womb to have IVF children outside the US? You carry the IVF children to term in your own womb for 9 months, you love and care for the IVF children like any mother but you have no "genetic link" as per the US laws.