If I Had a Passport…United Siblings Are Family | United Siblings Are Family
1) I would go to America to see my brother2) I want to play with my brother's toys he shows on Skype3) I want to spend only ONE night in America4) I want to play in the snow5) I want to tie Rakhi and make a drawing (card) for my brother6) I want to go ice skating (skates with knives)7) I want to go to London8) I want to go see giraffes and zebras9) I want to go dancing (Ok, don't really need a passport for that)10) I will become as astronaut and go to space as I will NOT need a passport.These are the wishes of an innocent 4 year old IVF sister for her IVF brother. Two innocent siblings who have been deliberately separated due to NO CRIMES of their own. As a humanity, as a global citizen of the world, why can't we rise above and spare the innocent children and the most vulnerable? What message do we send our future generations like these innocent IVF siblings, that breaking laws is more rewarding than changing laws? That creating human children through IVF is just a "commercial