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Is it true? I was left for dead but miraculously survived due to the love and support of my family. So I for one believe in this statement. Question is are my IVF children "good people"? Will "good things" happen to them? Will my innocent, voiceless IVF children be silenced? "The Taliban failed to silence us" - Malala Yousafzai As per a recent study in the US, there are 65.7 Million family caregivers in the US. Out of which about 33% are male, about 13% are spouse caregivers and less than 4% of the caregivers are below the age of 35. As a young, male, spouse caregiver, I thought I was doing something "good". In another study, women are 6 times more likely to be divorced or be left alone by their spouses or partners when diagnosed with a traumatic condition. As a spouse caregiver by staying in a marriage, I thought I was doing something "good". I was working on "feelings", something I have been since taught that for men to have "feelings" is like fake jewelry. We are only supposed to