Equal Child Rights | United Siblings Are Family
Are child rights included in "Universal Human Rights"? The primary objective of this article is to establish equal child rights. Unfortunately, most places in the world impose the parents' rights onto the child. If all children are born equal then why don't laws support that? Technology is changing and we cannot have archaic 20th century laws. We need to have laws from a child's perspective and not based on parent's gender. Today, as countries like US who allow adoption by Lesbians and Gays or countries like UK considering to allow IVF/surrogacy by Gays or Lesbians or countries like India, Nepal and Australia among others who allow legal recognition of third gender thus giving them civil rights, we hope that the leaders of the world are thinking ahead and ensuring equal rights for children on their own without imposition of their parent's gender. We understand this is new territory and only honest discussion and truth will bring change. We are more interested in a solution than