Double StandardsUnited Siblings Are Family | United Siblings Are Family
There are double standards in life but when it affects innocent children, it is important to speak up. Having double standards leaves you "in-between", ironically, where a dysfunctional intersex family is left - neither here nor there. 1) If a mother who has raised her children is found to be an illegal immigrant, she is deported as per the laws. But if an infertile person who is a genetic male has committed immigration fraud, there is no action against them? 2) If a genetic male attempts to breastfeed an IVF infant with no milk while the infant is hungry and cries incessantly, it is NOT child abuse and a crime? But a biological mother who is a female and is breastfeeding her infant is faced with leaving the child in US while she is being deported? 3) Sean Goldman, a US citizen, was brought back to the US from Brazil with support at the highest level and as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, "a child belongs with his family". Was the family in Brazil not taking care of his