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As humans there are lot of good and bad things we may come across in our lives. Its all about seeing it from the perspective of each individual. Whenever anything traumatic happens, it's all about how we pick up the pieces and move on. Here is a great inspirational story of how a drunk driver who accidentally killed two innocent people and is now UNITING with the family of the victim on spreading awareness and having laws changed. Its the true human spirit! Difference between TRUTH and LYING When one accepts the truth, they start a process of justice for themselves and due to the freedom may end up helping others for a greater good - Edie Windsor is a recent example. When there is denial and lying, it becomes a self-serving selfish proposition with no real solution to provide relief for victims. As humans, we want TRUTH and move on...LIES only slow us down but cannot BREAK us. What do you think about a couple in an intersex marriage in the 2000s who were also immigrants and infertile