Canary in the Coal Mine | United Siblings Are Family
It all started with a LIE or maybe multiple LIES. After all how can one hide the LIES - they eventually do come out. There was LOVE too but as the LIES began to unravel, the LIES overwhelmed LOVE too. After a decade of secrecy, lies, fraud, cheating, abuse, violence, victimization, breaking the laws, silence, the worst thing to experience is not all of the above, the worst is to have these repeated on your innocent, voiceless children. If there is a manual for torture somewhere, even that may not include these heinous crimes. An adult survives and since they are alive, they have to deal with life and move forward. Like for example, giving a LEGAL STATUS to the innocent, voiceless IVF children and getting them out of LEGAL LIMBO. This is about the FUTURE of all IVF children and families and a world where they have EQUAL rights. got TRUTH? - thats a beginning. Maybe we were the canaries in the coal mine left for DEAD. The major issues that surround the case are the 4 Is - intersex,