BPO Vs. BFO – Why not equal humane treatment?United Siblings Are Family | United Siblings Are Family
We start with perspective of children: 11 year old brother is crazy about Star Wars and wants his little sister to also like Star Wars. His biological sister, an innocent 6 year old has been allowed to meet him once but both have been bonding over Skype cares more about dolls and anything pink or purple. Brother : Star Wars is the best movie ever. You will the movies (proceeds to share all the toys, information, etc). Sister : Do they have dolls in Star Wars and is there a girl "captain"? Brother : There is princess Leia and shares a figurine. You like Star Wars now? Sister : Maybe there is a star called "wars" and that's why its called Star Wars. Maybe they should have a star called "Peace" and then it would be called Star Peace. And what reason if any is there to continue to divide these innocent biological siblings? Can they teach us MORE than what we can teach them? Read on…. BPO Vs. BFO - Both have issues, how do we move forward with a working solution? Some people, companies in