Bettering Human Life | United Siblings Are Family
Secrecy and stigma are bigger culprits than the medical condition itself. Infertility is sad and traumatic and makes people do strange things. While we are far away when it comes to equal rights for LGBTI, are we even farther away for equal rights of caregivers of LGBTI who try to help in good faith? Rather than resorting to name calling or derision, it would be prudent to get to know ALL the facts first and work amicably. This case is ALL about equality and social justice - where prevailing laws fall short. Equal rights cannot be won by trampling human rights of others especially innocent children. Are human rights based on the trauma scale of each human? Maulik lived and practised the Yogyakarta principles for LGBTI activism BEFORE they were even conceived, what is the outcome when an individual tries to give human rights to someone where even the laws fall short? If there were equal rights for LGBTI, Maulik and his biological children would not have been separated. Among LGBTI,