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Divorces happen. They are horrible especially from the perspective of the children. Yet it may be the best thing possible for the two adults who simply cannot get along. There is no blaming, there is just moving on including the "best interest of the child"? Immigrant, intersex, infertile people deserve human rights. Exactly how many other people's human rights have to be violated AND how many laws have to be broken for them to have a child at any and all costs? If parents of intersex are ONLY thinking about the best interest of their child, is it OK for an IVF parent to ask for equal rights for his IVF children and all other IVF children? Secrecy and lies do not help anyone especially the victims of silent abuse - certainly does not bring about any change in laws and the lack of laws continues to foster an environment for people to be forced into secrecy, lies, cheating, fraud, breaking the laws for selfish, ulterior motives and not "best interest of the child". Despite what the