Abandoning an IVF ChildUnited Siblings Are Family | United Siblings Are Family
No Justice, No Peace. There are lot of ways to solve infertility but to create an IVF child and then to abandon the child is NOT a solution to fertility issues. If it's a crime to abandon a child, if its a crime to commit foeticide or infanticide, why is it NOT a crime against the IVF child to be abandoned? If a father is made to pay child support for a child even if he did not want the pregnancy, similarly, if an IVF child is conceived with consent of both parents then where is the responsibility and accountability towards the IVF child when an IVF parent abandons an unwanted IVF pregnancy? IVF parents do not have the luxury of instant gratification but have to wait years and multiple failed attempts before being blessed with a child and then only to have that child abandoned? Or do IVF children have less rights than others and its OK to discriminate because of their birth type? Are we that barbaric? Every child is equal and deserves the basic human dignity and respect. Regardless of