Costs of Living Ahead of TimeUnited Siblings Are Family | United Siblings Are Family
We are dealing with the 4 I's - Intersex, IVF (infertility), Immigration and Invisibility. We dealt with it using secrecy and lies and that's a failed approach because the biggest victims are innocent, voiceless children - brother and sister. Instead, asking for equal intersex rights, equal rights for IVF children and families, equal caregiver rights would be the right approach. These may take years, decades or lifetimes. In the interim, how does one deal with the lack of laws issue? Do we let truth prevail and let current laws prevail or secrecy and lies including breaking the laws? What are the costs of living ahead of our times? 1) Its a FACT that LGBTI immigrants could not sponsor their spouses/partners for US immigration until 2013. So what if an LGBTI immigration was granted before 2013 using suppression of facts, is that legal? 2) Its a FACT that "intersex" is a legally recognized third gender identity in Australia in 2013. Will other "western countries follow and play catch up"