Yogyakarta - Unbound Outbound
One of our friends called it Yogya, the hotel staff called it Jogya, the locals there called it Jogja and Jogjakarta, there could be another permutative name for this wonderful city on the foothills of an active volcano on the island of Java in Indonesia. When we first heard about this hidden gem, we researched online and found mixed reviews and a few good photographs; but we assure you that photographs simply do no justice to this city. This city of students has an air of excitement and liveliness that it is hard to resist enjoying yourself here. The houses here have been constructed in a very distinct style and the walls are decorated with beautiful graffiti based on a plethora of topics from politics to abstract art. If you want to experience Javanese culture and traditional arts, if you want to stay away from the hordes of tourists and want to experience old-world charm, the city of Yogyakarta, in the special region of the same name, is the place to be.