Women's Day : Not Another Valentine's Day (A Timeline) | Uganda Blogging Community
It might be a little known fact that the universal consciousness of women's rights started just at the turn of the 20th century. One forgotten phrase "We'd rather starve quick than starve slow" might just have been the push the world needed to begin to value and appreciate the woman. If you're a Ugandan like me, the early 1900s might remind you of one thing - the Buganda Agreement. If your history is any good, you will remember the likes of Sir Apollo Kaggwa and Sir Harry Johnstone. However, this story is not about two men agreeing the boundaries of a Kingdom. In fact, let's leave these boundaries and travel all the way to Europe and North America where the second industrial revolution was in full swing. This was a time marked with technological inventions and improvements all over the developing world. Railroads were being built, electricity was being invented, the world was on the cusp of a new age. Even as technology widened the borders of capitalism in the world, workers were still