#UgBlogWeek Day 7: Scattered Thoughts | Uganda Blogging Community
#WriteLikeOkotpBitek There I am, the village lumpen, just being there. It is great to be me, I think. I feel like I have discovered the secret to life and yet everyone calls me that useless boy. See, I wake up when I want, I eat from wherever I want, I drink from wherever I want, and I sleep wherever I want. The only price I have to pay for this is not to shave my hair and have complete disregard for my hygiene. And this isn't that bad considering some well-meaning villagers drag me to the river when they feel it's getting out of control and scrub me. I'm also infamous for saying stupid things every once in a while. The things I say are not even that stupid. Most times, it's the truth laced with humor or acid depending on how much I like the person. Sometimes, scratch that, most times, people do not like the truth so I've gotten the occasional beating or two. Another price I have to pay to maintain this lifestyle. That's me basically, and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself this