#UgBlogWeek Day 5: Melancholy | Uganda Blogging Community
I am way in over my feels today. It could be because I have been listening to Tracy Chapman endlessly or because Kirabo has managed to string my heart along for her dandelion tales. I'm not sure. Sometimes it's hard to decipher the cause of such melancholy, but Kahill sheds some light. "If everything you think you know makes your life unbearable, would you change?" These are the words I have been ruminating on for an unhealthy amount of time. Some of them overwhelming like Bibi Rukwengye's Thoughts. But even when you are at war with yourself, Bird View reminds me of how important it is to fight well. Yes, fight well. Or maybe I should get myself a lover to fight with instead. I'd sure want to know how Cynthia handles that. The way my crush is not following the script though, I can only pray for Pretty Shan's dreams to be valid unlike mine. In the meantime, I suppose my taste is foreign leaning. Of course not wazungu, but you know, maybe an Arab prince who owns an oil well??? So we can