#UgBlogWeek: Day 3 – 38 Questions | Uganda Blogging Community
1. Is it possible to reminisce about places you've never been? Faith shares travel tales from childhood and those she's yet to embark on. 2. Ever wondered what it's like to be dead while you watch your loved ones live? Shanine paints a picture imperfect Christmas as witnessed by a long gone beloved Father. 3. What happens when a killer meets a stone cold murderer? Do they swap stories? Mathew meets Richie and Richie asks Mathew, "What's your story?" 4. Why is it that things start to look up right before they fall apart (again)? 5. What do you do when you're hit with writer's block? Kahill showed us the insights to this issue. 6. What do you do if you failed to stick to your year's resolutions and the year is fast coming to an end? Ivan advises you. 7. Did you know that pavement etiquette is a thing? Meena shows the Dos and Don'ts of using our pavements. 8. What makes social media social? Fiona explores the not so social Kung Fu tactics employed on Twitter. 9. Why the double standards?