#HerTale Blogging Challenge: Celebrate your "Woman" | Uganda Blogging Community
The UgBloc #HerTale Challenge is an 8 day blogging experience that calls upon women to share their experience being a woman - their story in overcoming the daily challenges they face because they are a woman. A good number of women around us face challenges unique to their sex however many are going against the stereotypes, challenging norms, writing a new tale of what it means to be a woman. The challenge is also open to men who would like to share stories of women they know (with permission of course). The recent article "I Never Thought I Would Be The Battered Spouse" by Denise Kavuma underlined the fact that a big number of us might be living in a bubble. We live in an age where we assume that women have never had it better. In her article, one of the main assumptions she raised was "Oh please, men don't beat up women anymore. They're lying; it just doesn't happen in this day and age." Yet a big number of women endure domestic violence. In her own way, this very article is a