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What may come as obvious today is what was rocket science back in the school days. Using 577 Patricia Kahill used relatable experiences like fake friends, cramming for exams, judging people by their appearance and tribe to drive home the fact that the traits we picked from school are what break or make us in future. See more here. Shanine in 687 word narrated a story that many of us can relate to, in a time of punishment in school, in pursuit of success and discipline. This is the full story here. Benjamin Edwards continues his series, like he said at the start, don't blink! Well, in 547 words he made the series more interesting, he is now doing the actual bone of the series. This is it. In 713 words, Bernard Olupot narrated about how Schools wrongly shaped the students into cramming rather than understanding what they are taught. This is due to the desire of merely passing as this is the theme, which knowledge is dropped there after he says. Dig through to get the details on his