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After going postal on a Day One blog, Pete's Mama says she was gently encouraged to write her own experience. In a 1397 worded piece, we navigate through some of the interesting highlights that marked 7 years of her primary education. From the joy of contradicting or attempting to correct one's teacher to the chameleon like tendencies that children have to adapt in order to appease the prevailing authority. In her conclusion, she remarks on the purpose of the broken roads that we sometimes travel. Check it out here. If everyone's decision is absolute then who is right? In 671 words you get to silently succumb to a flashback many people can relate to while trying to prove that we are our father and mother's son or daughter, "Should I choose the course because I have a burning desire to pursue it OR Should I settle for what my parents think is best for me?" see more of what Benjamin Edward wrote here Color books, Crayons, Nap time, Biscuits and Bliss; all that things that pre-primary