Entomology Open Houses: 'Flower Lovers, the Bees'
The Department of Entomology at the University of California, Davis is world renowned for its quality research, education and public service. Its faculty and alumni are internationally recognized. It is the home of the Bohart Museum of Entomology, the Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility, and mosquito and dengue research programs.,The Bohart Museum of Entomology will celebrate honey bees, native bees in California, and bees found worldwide at two concurrent open houses set from 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 15. The theme is “Flower Lovers: The Bees.” One open house will be at the Bohart Museum of Entomology, 1124 Academic Surge on Crocker Avenue, formerly California Avenue (off La Rue Road) and the other at the Haagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven on Bee Biology Road, off Hutchison Drive/Hopkins Road, west of the central campus.
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