The Minnesota Orchestra’s Sommerfest 2019 Is Highlighting Latin America
Summer is in full swing, and so is the Minnesota Orchestra's annual Sommerfest festival, running now through August 3, 2019. The theme this year is Música Juntos (Music Together): Celebrating the Music of Latin America, which will treat audiences to a look at Latin American music, cuisine, and art. I got the chance to attend the first event of the season, the world's first live-scored performance of Disney/Pixar's Coco, and had a blast. I know the other events planned for the rest of Música Juntos will be just as fun—and if more music and movies are your thing, know that Star Wars and Harry Potter will be coming this fall. Find the full list of Música Juntos events here. Buy tickets online or call (612) 371-5656.
Hannah Testa